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Elissa is the Communications Manager at FDCD, working on uplifting the organization’s brand while designing and implementing its internal and external communication strategies. Her creative role spans producing content across social media platforms, website, and beyond. Elissa helps design online and in-person events and workshops, and is currently co-producing a toolkit, an in-depth policy report, a podcast, and regional webinars. She coordinates with Syria’s media team to ensure a cohesive and engaging brand presence.

She tends to incorporate the learning she accumulated from her background in journalism, her strong research foundation after her MA in Sociology, Anthropology and Media studies and from her experience in management, in practicing being a visionary and critical thinker. She dissects any project delving into its ‘hows,’ ‘whys,’ and ‘so whats,’ ensuring alignment with objectives and values. Proficient in editing, VO, translation, research, data analysis, storytelling, presentation and moderation, her attention to details and strategic acumen shine through.

Elissa debuted her original works as a singer in 2023 and she is working on releasing 2 new songs at the beginning of 2024. She values human connection and is driven by her main values that encompass compassion, fairness, integrity, freedom and passion. She aspires to live deeply and harmoniously: a free enriched sensorial journey and heightened awareness – an experience she hopes to inspire those around her to embark upon. 

Communications Manager

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