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Rola Harb, who has two technical baccalaureates in Computer Operations and Executive Secretary, brings over 30 years of valuable administrative experience and unwavering dedication to her role as an administrative assistant at FDCD since 2006. Her commitment to the organization stems from a strong belief in its mission and vision, which revolve around upholding human dignity and promoting human rights.

Working with FDCD has not only been a professional journey for Rola but also a profoundly personal one. The opportunity to engage with diverse individuals, communities, and cultures from different nationalities, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds has enriched her life in many ways and fulfilled her enthusiasm to build new connections.

Rola’s moral compass and inspiration come from her unwavering faith in God. She aspires to embody the values He preached, particularly the virtue of helping others with so much love and humility.

Communications Manager

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Deputy Director and Director of Programs
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Programs Coordinator
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Rola Harb
Administrative Assistant
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Finance Officer
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